Montessori Community Granada

Montessori School from 0 to 3 years old

“Today’s seeds will be tomorrow’s forests”

– Montessori Community Granada –




Centro de Educación Infantil de 0 a 3 años

Las semillas de hoy serán los bosques del mañana

– Montessori Community Granada –

The school

Our center covers the first stages of life, from 4 to 36 months.
We consider that this period of time is essential for the child to get to know the new environment outside his mother, to learn an infinite number of things and for the adults to make her/him feel safe, providing the child with a pleasant environment taking into account his/her needs.

Our philosophy

Our facilities

Ambiente de Nido

From 4 months until they can walk stably (around 18 months), boys and girls will be welcome to enjoy our Nido environment, accommodated with materials and furniture that help them develop fine and gross motor skills, learn to eat alone and go to the bathroom.

Ambiente de Comunidad Infantil

When the boy or girl can walk and carry a tray stably, they will move on to the Infant Community environment, where they will be able to work independently and in more depth in the areas of: Language, Cooking, Art, Practical Life and Psychomotor skills.

Sala de motricidad

This motor skills room contains everything necessary for boys and girls to work on gross motor skills: getting up, crawling, walking, going up and down ramps and steps, slide…

Jardines y zona exterior

We have a plot of 2000 square meters, of which 300 belong to the building.

More information

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